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      This page allows you to maintain a list of the Business Types that apply to your company.  Business Types identify information about your company’s operation.

Business Types may be used to identify the type of ownership for your business (Minority Owned, Woman Owned), or can identify the type of operation (Manufacturer, Retailer).

Business Types are used in the vendor rotation process to select the specified number of vendors for a commodity for a specific business type that the buyer would like to include for a solicitation.  For instance, a buyer may indicate that he/she wants all Retailers to be notified of the solicitation.  A buyer may also want to send a notification to all Minority Owned businesses.  You will only receive one notification, even if you are associated with more than one business type.

You can add business types by selecting the Add Items link. 

Only Headquarters Master Users and Master Users will be able to make changes to the fields on this page. 
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