Procurement Cards

Procurement Card Administrator Sue Garcia

Please select from the list below:

SOM Procurement Card Policy and Procedures (MS-Word)

Procurement Card Purchasing Guidelines (MS-Word) - This replaces the Non-Allowable List.

New Cardholder Information

New Approver Information

Merchant Category Code Listing (MCC) (Excel)

Procurement Card Delegation Form (MS-Word)

Procurement Card Administrative Responsibilities Delegation Form (Special Use ONLY)

Agency Procurement Card Coordinators List (Excel)

Agency Travel Card Coordinators List (Excel)

Maine Office of the State Controller

On-Line Instructions for Account Coding, Descriptions, Approvals and Final Approvals (MS-Word)

Low Value Services Guidelines (Excel)
This table is a guideline for the payment of small dollar value (under $2,500), one time, or intermittent services.

Procurement Card Cycle Close and Download Schedule: