Maine Armory Rental Program

When scheduling conferences and meetings, agencies should include Maine State Armories when considering possible event locations if an Armory is located within 10 miles from where the majority of meeting participants will be coming from.  Dan Nadeau is your contact at the Maine Armory Rental Program.  When assessing the feasibility of an Armory as a venue, you should consider the total meeting cost, such as catering, lighting, audio/visual, and other necessary services.  This consideration is required by Executive Order 15 FY 11/12, An Order Directing State Agencies to Give Priority to Maine State Armories when Renting Meeting Space, but the Executive Order does not cover meetings where State or Federal law require other locations.

The purpose of the program is to provide rental space at designated Maine State Armories.  Revenue generated will help offset operating costs of these state-owned facilities.  Maine Armories are strategically located through the State, including locations in: Augusta, Belfast, Brewer, Calais, Caribou, Gardiner, Houlton, Lewiston, Norway, Portland, Sanford, Skowhegan, Waterville and Westbrook.


  • Request a written quote from the Maine Armory Rental Program.  If necessary to hire vendors for food or other services, please contact Dan for approved vendors and include those costs in the total quote.  Obtain at least two (2) additional quotes from facilities in the area, including all meeting costs in calculating the quote. 
  • If the Armory is the lowest-cost option but use of such Armory would be detrimental to the needs of the agency, please submit a written request for a waiver from Armory use to the Division of Purchases explaining in detail why a waiver should be granted to allow the use of non-armory facilities. 

If the Division of Purchases grants a waiver, obtain a third quote from an area facility.  If the quotes come in under $5,000, execute a contract form BP18.  For amounts between $5,000 and $10,000, execute a contract form BP54.

  • If the quotes exceed $10,000, then an RFP must be drafted and submitted to the Division of Purchases for approval.  In the unlikely event that only one facility can meet your needs, please complete a BP37SS detailing your reason for requesting a sole source procurement.  Please plan accordingly in case time is needed to complete an RFP process.

Maine Armory Rental Program:

BP37SS Sole Source Authorization Form:

An Order Directing State Agencies to Give Priority to Maine State Armories when Renting Meeting Space: