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Government in Maine

Governor's Website & Contact Information
State Agencies
An index to all state government agencies.
State Officials
Contact information for the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, and elected officials.
Elections & Voting
Election information at the local, state, and national level: news, candidates, where to vote, election ethics, voter registration, absentee voting, more.
Public Meetings
Have your say in state and local government, by attending and participating in public meetings and hearings.
State News
Latest Headlines, Search Press Releases from Maine State Government Agencies
Branches of Government
About Maine's Organization of Government
Find Your Legislators, Bills, Schedules, Rosters, Statutes, Hear Live Audio
Courts & Corrections
Courts Information, Corrections Information
Laws & Law Enforcement
Maine Laws, Constitution, Agency Rules, Law Enforcement, Law Libraries, Legal Assistance, Legal Resource Sites, Victim Services
Law Enforcement
Information Technology
Related State Agencies, State Initiatives & Programs, Industry Resources
Local Government
Search for any Maine county, city or town. For each one you'll find contact information, local officials, online services and other essential information.
Federal Government