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The Construction Support Newsletter - October 2014 has been posted!

Welcome to the Maine Department of Transportationís Contracts Section Construction Support Website. The goal of this website is to provide construction personnel with the current policies and procedures for the Departments Standard Specifications and documentation of construction activities and pay items. The following policies, manuals and forms should not be interpreted to provide a legal standard.

Please contact one of our staff listed below if you have questions or comments, need additional information, or would like to receive automated notifications when this page is updated:

Policies, Forms & Presentations

The following forms and policies are intended for use by personnel working on Maine Department of Transportation contracts.

The following information contains the most current version of each form, manual and policy. It is recommended that all information be downloaded for every use and not saved and reused. Therefore the user will always have the most updated and current version.

Current Policies

Date Revised Title
2/24/2011 Materials purchased but not yet Incorporated into the Work
6/12/2014 MaineDOT Policies and Procedures for HMA Sampling and Testing (pdf)

Manuals & Forms

Date Revised Title
10/6/2006 Accident Report (doc)
8/14/2009 Additional Classification Form (pdf)
10/1/2013 Bridge Summary and Completion (doc)
2/26/2003 Completed Highway Project Data (doc)
12/9/2009 Contract Modification (doc)
3/25/2008 Contract Modification Tracking Sheet (xls)
8/10/2010 Drew Report (Daily Report of Equipment Rental) (xls)
5/29/2009 DRLER (Daily Report of Labor and Equipment Rental) (xls)
6/3/2011 Field Manager/Field NetUsers Guide (4.7a) (pdf)
5/22/2006 Flagger Report (xls)
11/2/2004 Fringe Benefit Reporting Form (doc)
4/6/2011 Letter Head for Resident Letters (doc)
5/14/2010 Notice of Failing Material (pdf)
8/10/2010 Payroll Interview form (pdf)
5/10/2013 Payroll Tracking Sheet (xls)
12/11/2009 Pile Driving Log (xls)
4/1/2004 Pit Authorization (doc)
4/13/2010 Progress Meeting Version 1 (doc)
4/13/2010 Progress Meeting Version 2 (doc)
4/13/2010 Progress Meeting Cancellation (doc)
7/26/2013 Emergency Telephone Numbers (doc)
4/13/2010 Quality Assurance Concrete Testing (xls)
4/13/2010 Rebar Quantity Sheet (xls)
12/11/2009 Request for New Wage Classification (pdf)
2/26/2013 Residents Civil Rights Duties
4/13/2010 Rotational Capacity Tests (xls)
4/1/2004 Rounding Quantity (xls)
6/12/2013 Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for MDOT projects (pdf)
5/29/2009 Temporary Right of Way rights (doc)
2/26/2013 Time Charge Report (xls)
4/1/2004 Truck Tally Sheet (doc)
5/11/2010 Waste Area Agreement (xls)
12/14/2009 Work Permit Way (doc)
7/3/2003 Work Permit (doc)
6/29/2012 Commercially Useful Function Form (PDF)
7/16/2013 Completion of Physical Work Notification (doc)
5/20/2014 Contractor Performance Ratings (doc)
2/27/2012 Submittal Review Checklist
3/1/2012 SEWPCP Review Checklist
3/1/2012 SPCCP Checklist
3/28/2014 Civil Rights Checklist & Project Posters
7/11/2012 Right of Way
9/18/2012 Project Alert Press Release Form for Consultants
3/14/2013 Closeout Submittal List
4/19/2013 Record Keeping Manual 2013
9/26/2013 Final DBE Payment form (pdf)
6/25/2014 Pavement Removal/Repair Form and Policy (xls)
6/3/2014 511 Project Form
6/12/2014 Resident Checklist (pdf)
6/12/2014 Paving Report (Simple) (doc)
6/12/2014 Paving Report (Detailed) (xlsm)
6/12/2014 HMA Random Number Generator (xlms)
7/24/2014 Pre-Construction sign-in Sheet (xls)


Date Revised Title
2/24/2011 How to Pay for Stockpiled Materials
3/26/2013 2013 HMA Training
3/26/2013 Focus Five with WOW
3/26/2013 GPS and Construction
3/26/2013 001 - Materials, Testing, & Exploration (ppt)
3/26/2013 2013 OJT Presentation (ppt)
3/26/2013 Construction Training claims (ppt)
3/26/2013 Night Work
3/26/2013 Reports (ppt)
3/26/2013 Section 203 – Embankment
3/26/2013 Drainage TrainingA (ppt)

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