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A junior hunter may ONLY take an antlerless deer if they have been given a permit during the antlerless deer lottery, except on youth deer day when they are hunting in a WMD where antlerless deer permits were issued they may take an antlerless deer without a permit. All other WMDs are bucks only. Limit is one deer per year unless they receive a bonus antlerless deer permit or participate in the expanded archery season with appropriate licenses or permits.
There was a recent law change directed at Jr. hunters but the title was extremely misleading.  The title is Public Law 2013 Chapter 213An Act to Allow a Junior Hunter to Take One Antlerless Deer Without an Antlerless Deer Permit. The law directs the Commissioner of IFW to grant 25% of the available antlerless deer permits in WMD’s where antlerless permits are allocated to junior hunters when they apply for a permit in that district. This won’t occur until the fall of 2014.

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