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Child Nutrition Information

Child Nutrition Services
23 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333-0023
Fax (207)624-6841

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200 public school districts with 731 schools

57 private school districts with 100 school sites


there were about 400 delivery locations.


As questions are received they will be posted to this web page.


?? When is the first delivery to schools

Normally the first delivery of the school year is first weeks of October

??When can we expect product to be delivered to the warehouse for next year?

Product could start arriving to the warehouse during the summer but normally August and our desire is September. this is partly based on USDA and their trucking.

??How much product will be trnsfered from current warehouse?

We expect to transfer very little idf any at all.

?? When would the last delivery for the school year be?

Last school delivery in May and Sumer camps once, first weeks of June.

??? What ae the cutrrent fees?

Current fees are listed n out web page:

??We are inspected by other 3rd party inspectors such as the FDA and USDA frequently.  Both our facility and HACCP plan are inspected closely.  Will this still be acceptable?


?? What is the format of shipping ticket and shipping address formats

This date is put on the screen in a plain table.  The data can be selected and copied into Excel.  It can then be imported into their system from there.  The data is padded with spaces so that each value is the length indicated.  So this will be a fixed width column when it is copied into Excel.
commodity_code - 9
class_code - 3
agy_id - 10
trucker_no - 1
storage_type - 3
v_customer_no - 10
bonus - 1
agency_name - 50
product_desc - 25
weight - 10
cost - 12
pack_desc - 30
do_no - 12
units_shipped - 10
ship_ticket_no - 10
pre_orderable - 1         

Shipping address is similar
agy_id - 10
pgm_code - 4
contact_person - 52
contact_phone - 10
agency_name - 30
agy_street - 30
agy_street2 - 30
agy_city_state - 45
storage_code - 3
customer_no - 10
sa_name - 40
street - 30
street2 - 30
city_state - 45
delivery - 1