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Staff Information for Essential Programs & Services (EPS) Calculations

The information submitted to MEDMS Staff by each school administrative unit is utilized to establish EPS Matrix salaries, the EPS FTE for those positions in the matrixes and to review EPS Regional Indexes.  The most recent listing of positions utilized in the EPS Matrixes is available at the FY 2014-15 EPS Funding website:

The following fields are utilized for EPS Matrix, FTE Calculations and/or EPS Regional Index updates:

  1. Personal Data
    1. Achievement
    2. Educational Experience
  2. Job Function Data
    1. Educational Category:  Regular/CTE – used to exclude CTE positions for EPS matrixes.
    2. Position Title – for list of EPS positions see link above.
    3. Program Category:  Special Ed./Title 1 – used to exclude Special Education positions for EPS matrixes.
    4. School Name – used for School Administrators Matrix for Principals and Assistant Principals and used for Clerical Matrix for Administrative Assistant/Secretary.
    5. Annual Salary For This Position – salary for the person must be based on local salary scale for the position and must be a prorated portion of the salary for part-time persons or someone who was hired later in the year and will not work the full year.
    6. Days Scheduled to Work per Year – should be the “actual” number days scheduled to be worked for this person.
    7. Hours Per Day – should be the “actual” number of hours worked per day for this person.