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Incidents of Prohibited Behavior Certification


School Administrative Units are required to enter and certify incidents of prohibited behavior data into the Infinite Campus Behavior Tab. This certificaiton must be completed even if there are no incidents to report to assure that the report is complete with "zero" events. It is imperative that known student offenders be identified. The identification of known student offenders allows the Maine Department of Education (the Department) to determine federally required indicators regarding race, ethnicity, special education status, and disciplinary action taken however the names will not reported. Only aggregate counts are reported. If you have any questions about the disclosure of student names, please read Informational Letter #86, issued March 19, 2007. The letter is available at the following website:

What is the due date of the Behavior Certification?
The Infinite Campus State Edition is temporarily unavailable at the end of June so the Department can prepare for the following school year. School administrative units must have completed and certified behavior data before the roll-over to the next school year occurs. Please check the Commissioner's Weekly Updates for the specific deadline date.

For instructions on how to report Incidents of Prohibited Behavior in Infinite Campus, refer to the following websites:
1. Student Data Standards:
2. Guidance on Determining What to Report:
3. Definitions Regarding Discipline of Special Education Students:

How to find the Behavior Reports and Behavior Data Certification form in ICSE:

Users with the proper access to behavior in ICSE can find the report and certification form under the "ME State Reporting" section on the Index tab. You must verify your exit data using the "Behavior Incidents by School" report prior to certification. This report will include each event, resolution and the offender for verifying the events were entered correctly for the current year.  If errors are found on the report, make changes in Infinite Campus, and run the report again.  Once the "Behavior Incidents by School" report is correct for ALL schools in the district, the "Behavior Data Certification" form should be signed and returned to the Department. Changes should not be handwritten on the certification report. Please Note: The certification form ONLY displays aggregate values.

  • Select the school year
  • Select "ME State Reporting" on the Index tab
  • Open the "Behavior Reports " folder
  • Click on "Behavior Incidents by School" to verify your data and click "Generate Report"
  • Click on "Behavior Data Certification " once your behavior data is correct, sign and return to the Department following instructions on the form
  • Please Note: If the school administrative unit does not have any reportable incidents, the report will show a total of zero. Please certify the absence of incidents by signing and return to the Department following instructions on the form.

The "Behavior Data Certification" form must be certified by each school administrative unit's Superintendent, even if there are no behavior events to report. This certification must be done before the end of the school year. Please check the Commissioner's Weekly Updates for the specific date the certification form is due.