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TO:                 Superintendents of Schools


FROM:          Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE:            May 15, 2003


RE:                 Financial Report of Public Schools (EF-M-45) Fiscal Year July 1, 2002 - June 30, 2003


The Financial Report of Public Schools (EF-M-45) Fiscal Year July 1, 2002 - June 30, 2003 is now available for your completion from our website.  The EF-M-45 workbook is a MS Office 95, Excel version 5.0 file that can be downloaded from the Department of Education’s homepage; the address is:


This form should be submitted to the GPA Support Services Team either electronically or on a diskette by July 31, 2003.  The information provided on this report is used in the calculation of subsidy for your school administrative unit; it is also used to calculate tuition rates and per pupil operating costs.  As the information these calculations provide is important to all of you, I know you understand how important it is to file these reports on time and to ensure that they are accurate.  I encourage you to file the report via the electronic Excel version of the form; this method improves speed and accuracy by performing many of the calculations for you.  Here is a list of documents available on our website to assist you:


w        EF-M-45 Excel Spreadsheet Instructions (instructions for electronic submission and for completing the spreadsheet version of the EF-M-45)

w        Instructions (general instructions that are included in the printed version of the EF-M-45)

w        Instructional EF-M-45 (additional instructions for completing the EF-M-45 report)

w        Financial Report of Public Schools (EF-M-45) Fiscal Year July 1, 2001 - June 30, 2002 form (EF-M-45 Excel spreadsheet)

w        EF-M-45 Review worksheet  (list of critical areas [with completion instructions] to check for accuracy before submitting the report)


Please note the following new reporting requirement for bus purchases:


w        For buses purchased with bank loans (notes) or obtained through lease purchases agreements, record the principal payment on page 8E, column 5, line 24 and record the interest payment on page 8E, column 5, line 22.  Buses purchased and paid in full with cash should still be recorded on page 8E, column 5, line 20.  Do not record any bus purchases on page 8E, column 5, line 6.


General instructions for electronic reporting are as follows:


1) Download the Excel spreadsheet for the EF-M-45.


a)      Open your web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator).

b)      Go to

c)      Scroll down until you see the EF-M-45.

d)      Click on the Microsoft Excel icon next to the form name.  This generally will download the Excel spreadsheet into your computer.  You may see an option to Open or to Save File.  Choose Save File.  If you are asked for a network password, cancel and begin again.  This time, right click your mouse button on the form icon and choose Save Target As; you will then be able to save the form to your hard drive or diskette. 

§         With some forms, clicking on the Excel icon takes you first to another web page.  The form should be listed on this page. 


2)      Complete the form.


a)      Open Microsoft Excel (or another spreadsheet program, such as Lotus 1-2-3).

b)      Open the spreadsheet form you have downloaded.

c)      Save the form with a different file name (Note: if using a spreadsheet program other than Microsoft Excel, make sure it has an option to save spreadsheets as Excel files with an .xls extension).

d)      Fill in the information on the form.  Save often.

§         Do not use the Cut and Paste feature to move an amount from one cell to another – an amount should be deleted with the delete button and retyped into the correct cell.


3)      Send the form to the Department of Education.


a)      Open your email program.

b)      Create a new mail message to the contact person listed on the form.

c)      You will need to attach the spreadsheet to the email.  In your email program, there should be an option such as Attach File.  Select your completed form.

d)      Send the email.


            For those of you who do not have access to the Internet, diskettes and instructions are available from the GPA Support Services Team at 624-6790.  When submitting your EF-M-45 form by diskette or from the downloadable web version, please refer to the instructions titled “EF-M-45 Excel Spreadsheet Instructions”.  If you need additional assistance in completing the EF-M-45 report, please contact Joanne Allen or Suzan Cameron of the GPA Support Services Team via e-mail: or  or via phone at 624-6790.            I would like to remind you that subsidy checks will be withheld beginning in August if the following reports have not been received:


§         EF-M-45  Financial Report of Public Schools

§         EF-M-46  Summary of Approved General Fund Budget and Report of School Appropriations

§         EF-S-02   Special Education Program Report

§         EF-S-07   Request For Subsidy Allocation of Tuition and Board for Students with Disabilities


            As an additional reminder, please submit any adjustments to the EF-M-45 identified as a result of your annual audit by December 31, 2003. Adjustments not submitted may result in miscalculation of subsidy, and this could have an adverse impact on General Purpose Aid for your unit.  Careful review of the EF-M-45 report prior to submission can reduce, and even eliminate, the need for audit adjustments.