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TO:                   All Superintendents of Schools


FROM:              J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


DATE:               August 13, 2001


RE:                   Withholding of Subsidy



At this time, I would like to remind you that subsidy will be withheld, beginning with the August check, if the MIS Team has not received any of the following reports:


EF-M-45 Financial Report of Public Schools

EF-M-46 Summary of Approved General Fund Budget and Report of School Appropriations

EF-S-02 Special Education Program Report

EF-S-07 Request For Subsidy Allocation of Tuition and Board for Students with Disabilities


A list of these reports and others that are due for submission is available on the Department of Education Information/Data page:

At this URL, select the box entitled “School Administrative Unit Reporting Status”.


Please review this list to determine your report filing status.  Reports that have been received by the MIS Team are indicated by the date received under the column labeled with the report name.  A blank field under the report name indicates a missing report.  This list will be updated weekly.


If you believe that a report has been sent to the MIS Team, but is not shown as received on this list, please contact the appropriate personnel as follows:


EF-M-45 & EF-M-46

          Joanne Allen            Tel. (207) 624-6790            email:



         Tom Coulombe          Tel. (207) 624-6650            email:



         Pam Ouellette           Tel. (207) 624-6650            email:


EF-M-35 & EF-M-39A

         Patrick Dow             Tel. (207) 624-6790            email: