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Informational Letter #:  54                                                     

Policy Code:  DD


TO:                  Superintendents of Schools, IASA Coordinators, Title I Coordinators

                        Special Education Directors, Reading Recovery® Teacher Leaders


FROM:             J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


DATE:             March 5, 2001


RE:                   Reading Recovery® Teacher Training Grants



The Department of Education is pleased to announce the availability of funds to train Reading Recovery teachers during the 2001-2002 school year. This is the seventh year that the Department has provided assistance to schools in implementing the Reading Recovery program.  To date, Maine has 350 Reading Recovery teachers providing services to meet the needs of first grade students who need intense, one-on-one instruction. To reach the goal of having the program available to every first grader who needs it, more trained Reading Recovery teachers are needed.


Reading Recovery is an important program as Maine educators strive to assist students in meeting high standards. As you know literacy is the foundation for all achieving the learning results.  After seven years of State funding, over half of all elementary schools in Maine have Reading Recovery teachers. With State funding support, Reading Recovery training and continuing contact is provided throughout the state. The Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement, a tool to observe young children’s progress in learning to read and write, introduced through Reading Recovery, is used in most Maine schools.  Clearly, Reading Recovery has had an impact on schools, teachers, and children in Maine.  I urge those districts with this program to continue to support it with the help of this funding.  If your district has not implemented this program, I hope that you will investigate its potential for your students.


Information on Reading Recovery and evaluation data are available by calling Dr. Paula Moore at the University of Maine, (207) 581-2438.


Questions regarding State or other funding can be directed to Patrick O’Shea, Project Director, at (207) 624-6705.





Applicants in this category must have the district’s support in completing the guidelines, application, and agreement forms for teacher training.  The applicant must meet the requirements and be accepted as a candidate by the University of Maine.  The district and candidate must be



willing to make a three-year commitment to the Reading Recovery program.  Priority will be given to districts making the application for full implementation in at least one building in the district.


State funding will cover the cost of Reading Recovery Teacher Leader services for training Reading Recovery teachers.  These funds will be sent directly to the Reading Recovery Training Site. Costs not included in this funding are fees for six graduate credits at the University of Maine, conferences, institutes, scan forms and travel to transport children to teaching sessions.  The district should budget approximately $2,500 to cover these expenses. In addition schools new to the Reading Recovery program will incur a one time cost to purchase children’s’ books and instructional materials at about $3,000. Other sources of funding for this project may include (subject to Federal/State requirements), but are not limited to:


·         Title I funds,

·         Title VI funds,

·         Special education funds,

·         local funds,

·         private grants,

·         district tuition reimbursement funds.


Application packets for Reading Recovery teacher training are ready for distribution at:  University of Maine, Center for Early Literacy, College of Education, 5766 Shibles Hall, Orono, ME 04469-5766, phone (207) 581-2438, FAX (207) 581-2423.


Completed application packets must be returned to the University of Maine, Center for Early Literacy, by April 15, 2001 or call to make arrangements for a later date.  Questions concerning training should be referred to the University Center for Early Literacy at (207) 581-2438.






Funds to support the continued training and professional development for trained Reading Recovery teachers and teacher leaders, who will be teaching the Reading Recovery program to students during the 2001-2002 school year, will be sent directly to the Reading Recovery Training Site providing technical assistance to these teachers. This process will be completed by Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders.  District obligations will include scan forms, conferences, replacement supplies, and a fee of $300 per teacher to help cover the costs of operating the training sites and having Teacher Leader visits.  Check with your Teacher Leader for details on these costs.


Questions regarding State or other funding can be directed to Patrick O’Shea, Project Director, at (207) 624-6705.















An Investment in Maine’s Children


Intent to Apply


RR Teacher Training

2001 -2002




Mail request to:



University of  Maine

Center for Early Literacy

College of Education

5766 Shibles Hall

Orono, ME 04469-5766



FAX 207-581-2423




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