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This report details, for each school administrative unit in Maine (except for vocational regions), the average salaries for full-time professional staff members. These average salaries are reported separately for each of the following categories: The following table lists the specific positions that are included in each of these categories.
                      Position        Position
Category                Code           Title
Teachers		0101     Classroom Teacher
                        0152     Itinerant Teacher
                        0105     Special Education Teacher
                        0108     Special Teacher of Reading/Literacy Specialist

Other Instructional Staff
                        0901     Assistant Principal
                        0804     Athletic Director
                        0155     Co-curricular (Non-athletic)
                        0104     Coach (athletic)
                        0457     Co-op Director
                        0403     Curriculum Coordinator
                        0455     Department Head
                        0456     Director of Services for Exceptional Children
                        1501     Guidance Counselor
                        0301     Librarian/Media Specialist
                        0801     Principal
                        1701     Psychometrist
                        1601     School Psychologist
                        0460     Special Education Consultant
                        0401     Supervisor of Instruction

                        0652     Assistant Director of Vocational Education
                        0603     Assistant Superintendent of Schools
                        0906     Business Administrator/Manager
                        0701     Director of Transportation
                        0552     Director of Vocational Education
                        1502     Director of Guidance 

The salary data that is reported in this document is based on the Staff Information Sheets (Form EF-M-15) that were submitted to the Department by school administrative unit employees for the school year. For some units, one or more of these categories may be blank. This will occur if that unit does not have any full-time staff in positions that are included in that category. Vocational regions are not included in this report. This is because salaries for region staff are typically not comparable to salaries of staff in other units. It should be noted that the listing of unit salary data is sequenced according to the school administrative unit codes. As a result, some units are not listed in alphabetical sequence. To assist users of this report, a list of all unit names and corresponding unit codes is provided in Table II.

Public Professional Staff Average Salary Comparison by Unit 1986 - 1987 through 1995 - 1996

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