State Health Improvement Plan 2013 - 2017

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC), an office of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), is responsible for providing essential public health services that preserve, promote, and protect health. However, many organizations, both public and private, share this goal. An engaged public-private collaboration assures efficient and effective services and systems. This plan reflects the public health priorities of the Maine DHHS, with significant input from our public health partners.  The final content was approved by Maine DHHS and the Governor’s office.

The State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) is designed to improve the health of all Maine people. It focuses on 6 health priorities, with goals, objective, and strategies for achieving measurable success over the next three years. The first four priorities are categorical, or subject-specific, and the remaining two priorities are focused on public health infrastructure:



Immunizations Inform, Educate and Empower the Public (Essential Public Health Service # 3)

Obesity Mobilize Community Partnerships (Essential Public Health Service # 4)
Substance Abuse and Mental Health  

If you are interested in participating in an implementation team for one or more of the SHIP priorities, dates for the first meeting are posted here.


The State Health Improvement Plan is based on part of data from the 2012 State Health Assessment and goals set in Healthy Maine 2020

If you are interested in participating in an implementation team, please contact Nancy Birkhimer (287-5716)