Statewide Coordinating Council (SCC) for Public Health

Maine DHHS Districts

SCC Purpose and Mission

The Statewide Coordinating Council for Public Health, established under Title 5, section 12004-G, subsection 14-G, is a representative statewide body of public health stakeholders for collaborative public health planning and coordination.

The Statewide Coordinating Council for Public Health shall:

  • Participate as appropriate to help ensure the state public health system is ready and maintained for accreditation;
  • Provide a mechanism for the Advisory Council on Health Systems Development under Title 2, section 104 to obtain statewide input for the state health plan under Title 2, section 103;
  • Provide a mechanism for disseminating and implementing the state health plan; and
  • Assist the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention in planning for the essential public health services and resources to be provided in each district and across the State in the most efficient, effective and evidence-based manner possible.



James Markiewicz, Director
Division of Public Health Systems
Phone: 207-287-8104