Public Health Nursing Policy

The Public Health Nursing Program’s electronic Policy & Procedure (P&P) system contains over 1,000 word files. This P&P system has been compressed into a ".zip" file which you may Download.  If you do not have a tool to uncompress the zip file, you may download a self-extracting archive file.

Note: These files are 212 MB in size. It is not recommended you attempt to download these files if you do not have a high-speed internet connection. If you need assistance, do not have a high-speed connection, or need more P&P information contact Public Health Nursing at 207 287-4112. P&P items are updated at this site at least annually.

Instructions to search for a PP item:

  • Open  the Index document #4209.Attachment.IndexP&Pmanual.PHN.doc
    • All PP items are assigned a numeric prefix and will appear in descending numeric order in the downloaded file
  • At the Index, start with a Search Word related to your inquiry
    • Each  item is associated with a Search Word and a Key Word found in the Index
  • “Hyperlinks” do not perform from this document, at this site
  • Once you have identified the appropriate Search Word/SubSearch Word, go to the folder you have just download and see the named document items
  • Select the associated Key Words document(s), located at the end of the numerically listed items (starting with e.g.AbuseNeglect.doc)
  • View the available items in the Key Words document
    • Each item in the Key Words document is named  to generally inform the user of its content
    • Select the desired numbered item(s) and then access from the numeric list
  • Internal item references within items do not perform as hyperlinks, but the user can access these items from the numeric listing, as well