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State Health Assessment - 2012

The Maine State Health Assessment (SHA) provides information on the health of Maine people for 167 public health indicators (data points) across 22 health topics.  The SHA includes a narrative summary of the findings, which also includes further information on its development. This website will be updated with new data as it becomes available. In addition, data on Healthy Maine 2020 objectivesis also available.

The list of 167 indicators was developed with input from the SHA work group as well as subject matter experts within Maine CDC. The choices were based on the best available data, Healthy Maine 2020 objectives, indicators used by other national and in-state health assessments were also considered when choices were made.  These indicators are not inclusive of all public health data, but are intended to provide an overview of public health issues.  Additional data sources are indicated for each topic area for those who are looking for more in-depth information.

Where available and applicable, each indicator was analyzed to provide for:

  • Trend data for  up to ten years
  • Comparison to the US rate or number,
  • Data by Maine’s eight geographic public heath districts,
  • Data by county,
  • Data by gender, and by age,
  • Data by race and ethnicity (Hispanic & non-Hispanic), and by sexual orientation,
  • Data by income and education level

See data availability summary.(xls)

Most data is provided in tables in PDF and MS Excel, or in rich text format(RTF).

Indicators can be browsed by:

  • The topics listed below,
  • The types of tables (trends, county/public health district, race and ethnicity, and other demographics) To browse this way, click on “ALL” and selecting the type of table you are looking for.  Note: US comparison data is generally found in the trend or county-public health district tables.
  • The year the table was produced

The data can also be sorted to list first:

  • Data that is one of the 167 2012 State health Assessment indicators
  • Data that is part of the Healthy Maine 2020 objectives
  • Date that will be included in the 2016 Shared Health Needs Assessment (the next full update of the State Health Assessment)

County and Public Health District Briefs, the presentations made to District Coordinating Councils in October, November and December of 2012 , a native American data brief, and a presentation made to Tribal health directors in July of 2013 are also available (see “District data in the Topics list)