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Clinical Resource Guide

Conditions that may require prescription of medical formula

Provision of Ready To Feed (RTF) formulas:

WIC staff may provide ready to feed (RTF) infant formulas for a WIC participant only when assessment determines that at least one of the following conditions exists:

  • The participant's household has an unsanitary or restricted water supply or poor refrigeration
  • The person caring for the participant may have difficulty in correctly diluting concentrated or powdered formulas
  • The formula is only available in ready-to-feed form.

Participants with a prescription for a medically necessary formula (non-standard formula, exempt formula, WIC-eligible nutritional) may be provided RTF formula for the following additional reasons:

  • The ready to feed form better accommodates the participant’s condition
  • The ready to feed form improves the participant’s compliance in consuming the prescribed WIC formula

For information on RTF forms of specific formulas, consult the appropriate section of the WIC formulary below.

Maine CDC WIC Nutrition Program Formulary

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