Role of the Farmer

When a farmer is authorized as a WIC Vendor, among other responsibilities, the Vendor agrees to:

  • Provide at least 75% Maine grown fruits and vegetables
  • Display WICauthorized vendor poster
  • Have Defined hours of operation
  • Have a full-time attendant during hours of operation
  • Provide Hanidcapped assessable location
  • Provide Enclosed structure
  • Adhere to WIC Program rules
  • Offer Program clients the same courtesy as other customers.
  • Inform Maine CDC, WIC Nutrition Program of any schedule or location change

General Farmer Requirements

To be considered for authorization as a WIC farmer. Farmer must meet the following criteria:

  1. Maintain compliance with the WIC Farmer Selection criteria throughout the Agreement period, including any changes to the criteria;
  2. Cooperate with Federal, State, and Local WIC Program personnel during announced and unannounced on-site farmer reviews and audits; these may include reviews of all WIC Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers/FMNP Coupons and all program-related records at the site of the farmer;
  3. The Farmer Agreement is null and void if ownership changes;
  4. Keep all information of authorized WIC shoppers confidential;
  5. Never call unnecessary attention to a WIC shopper;
  6. The farmer must appropriately redeem valid WIC Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers/FMNP Coupons issued by a local agency for the types and quantities of food specified on the Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers/FMNP Coupons. In addition, the prices charged for WIC foods must be less than or equal to prices charged to non-WIC customers;
  7. The farmer may never request nor accept cash payment for the quantities of foods specified on the WIC Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers/FMNP Coupons;
  8. The farmer may never attempt to seek restitution from participants/authorized representatives for redeemed WIC Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers/FMNP Coupons that were rejected by the program's bank and/or for cash refunds requested by the State Agency;
  9. The farmer may allow WIC participants/authorized representatives to purchase less than the total amount of a check or voucher;
  10. The farmer may only accept Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers/FMNP Coupons at the time of the actual purchase and may never issue "rain checks" or credit slips to WIC participants/authorized representatives for WIC approved foods;
  11. The farmer may allow exchanges of an identical item only when the original item is defective, spoiled, or has exceeded its expiration date;
  12. The farmer may not publicly identify a person as a WIC participant/authorized representative or allow discourteous treatment of a WIC customer;
  13. The farmer must accept valid WIC Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers/FMNP Coupons from all WIC participants/authorized representatives without exception;
  14. The farmer may never demand identification other than the WIC ID Folder from an authorized WIC shopper;
  15. The farmer must direct questions concerning payment to the State Agency. Customers are not to be contacted concerning this or any other problem area;
  16. The farmer must report to the State Agency any irregularities in the use of Fruit and vegetable vouchers/farmer's market coupons/cash value vouchers by authorized WIC shoppers;
  17. The farmer must report to the State Agency if an authorized WIC shopper requests cash or credit in exchange for returned WIC products.

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Help Make Our Program Better

WIC vendors play an important role assisting clients to obtain appropriate WIC foods. We value your input and suggestions. Contact us.

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