UPC Product Submission

Help us build our Approved Product List (APL)!

The Maine CDC WIC Nutrition Program’s planned new eWIC system will limit WIC transactions to only those food items with UPCs and PLUs on the Approved Product List (APL). The APL will be available soon.

There may be food items in your store that are not currently on our APL that you think should be included;  those products may be new items or may not have been submitted for approval before. If you would like to request a review of food items to be added to the Maine CDC WIC APL, please follow the directions on our Product Submission Form.

Maine CDC WIC staff  will review the food item(s) and provide feedback within 14 days.

For questions about this process, please email us at SubmitUPCWIC@Maine.gov. Thank you for your help in keeping our APL up-to-date and for making healthy foods available to WIC participants.    

Food List Revision in 2018

The Maine CDC WIC Nutrition Program is planning to release a new food list in Fall 2018. The deadline for submitting items in brand-specific food categories is April 1, 2018, but we accept items from non-brand specific food categories all the time.

Companies submitting many food items for consideration may send all necessary information in spreadsheet format. The required information is listed on our Product Submission Form. All foods must meet, at a minimum, the federal requirements; please use the link on our Product Submission Form to review these.

Please email us at SubmitUPCWIC@Maine.gov with questions or call Heidi Morin at 207-287-4622.