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Eating Places, Lodging Places, Campgrounds, Summer Camps, Schools:

Eating & Lodging License Application (HHE-602) (pdf file)

Application for Mass Gathering (HHE-607) (doc file)

Temporary Campground License (doc file)


Fee Scedule (pdf file)


Suppliers of Compressed Air for Breathing Purposes (pdf file)

Certifed Laboratory Lists

Mobile and Temporary Units

The following applications must be completed and submited for mobile and temproary units, in addtion to the Eating & Lodging License Application (HHE-602) (doc file)

Certified Food Protection Manager Handout (doc file)

Mobile Unit Compliance Handout (doc file)

Mobile Vendor Notice (doc file)

Checklist for Mobile Units (doc file)

Retail Tobacco:

Tobacco Application (HHE-609) (docx file) 01/28/15

Tattooing, Body Piercing, Electrology, Micropigmentation:

Application (HHE-608) (doc file)

Infected Client Form (doc file)

Youth Camp Operators:

Reportable/Notifiable Incident Report (HHE-627) (doc file)

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