Overboard Discharge Elimination Program (Grants)

This program provides grants for the removal of individual overboard discharges of wastewater. Overboard discharges must be legally licensed by the Department of Environmental Protection. Projects which remove discharges from shellfishing areas or cause nuisance conditions will be given priority. Grants may also be available to fund other removal projects as required by law.

Grants for removal of overboard discharges may be awarded to municipalities, quasi-municipalities(such as sanitary districts), county commissioners on behalf of unorganized territory, or directly to the owner of an overboard discharge. Administration guidance of the projects is in the Individual Property Owner Grant Application Package and Project Manual (choose individual application - pdf format or individual application -- msword format).  This document contains the grant application form, instructions on designing and constructing the project, and claiming payment.

Applications must be received and approved for eligibility by the DEP before any of the actual construction takes place, and the owner must pay for and complete the work, before reimbursement will be received. Low priority projects may not receive reimbursement, if funding is not available.


Tim Macmillan, P.E.,
Overboard Discharge Grant Program
(207) 287-7765

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