Nonpoint Source Management Program
Annual Report

October 2013; Document #DEPLW-1245

Contact: Norm Marcotte, 207-215-6277

DEP provides services to control nonpoint source water (NPS) pollution to help protect or improve our lakes, streams, rivers and coastal waters. This report summarizes accomplishments of NPS Program activities in 2012.  This work is funded in part under the Section 319 of the Federal Clean Water Act in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


  • 18 NPS Watershed Projects funded through the NPS Grants program were successfully completed.  Conservation practices (BMPs) were installed to reduce polluted runoff in 10 lake watersheds.  These projects reduced pollutant loading by 884 pounds of phosphorus and 973 tons of sediment per year - equivalent to 84 dump truck loads.  DEP provided technical assistance and granted $887,238 of Federal Clean Water Act funds for these projects.  Grantees, partners, and landowners contributed matching funds or services valued at $896,779;

  • Installation of sedimentation and erosion control BMPs and a gradual decline in cropland acreage in the Echo lake watershed reduced sediment and phosphorus loads over many years, leading to improved water quality.  Echo Lake (Presque Isle) now attains Class GPA water quality standards.  DEP removed Echo Lake from the states list of impaired waters; and
  • Over 1,600 people (contractors, engineers, consultants, and municipal officials) participated in DEP's NPS Training & Resource Center training program to learn how to use BMPs to prevent NPS pollution.  670 new people were certified in erosion and sediment control practices through the DEP Contractor Certification Program. .



  1. Nonpoint Source Management Program Summary
  2. 2012 Highlights
  3. Maine NPS Management Program Overview
  4. DEP NPS Program & Work Activities
  5. NPS Grants Program
  6. Summaries of NPS water pollution control projects completed

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