GIS Maps and Other Data Files

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DEP Interactive Maps and Data

    Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management

    • Hazardous Oil Spill System (HOSS) Sites (Data Refreshed Daily)    
    • Oil Spill Geographic Response Strategies - Marine (3/2/2012)  
    • Registered Petroleum Tanks Database (Data Refreshed Daily)    
    • Remediation Sites (Institutional Controls) Database (Data Refreshed Daily)    
    • Solid Waste - Closed Municipal Landfills (12/29/2014)    
    • Solid Waste H2S Gas Monitoring Data (Data Refreshed Daily)
      • Juniper Ridge Landfill - Old Town  
      • Pine Tree Landfill - Hampden  
    • Solid Waste Recycling Locations (Data Refreshed Quarterly)  
    • Sites In The News
      • HoltraChem Site  
      • Unitrode Site  
      • Wallagrass - Noble Tank Truck Accident  

    Bureau of Land and Water Quality

    • Aquatic Invasive Plant Locations (2/10/2015)    
    • Aquifer Quantitative Use Assessment (AQUA) Index (11/17/2009)  
    • Bacteria Monitoring Survey (Including Stream TMDL, Volunteer River Monitoring and Maine Healthy Beaches data)    
    • Biomonitoring Stream and Wetland Sampling Data (12/16/2014)  
    • Head of Tide Locations (3/15/2012)  
    • Draft Integrated Report Segments - 2012 (Under Development)  
    • Maine Healthy Beaches Program (Data Refreshed Daily)      
    • Maine Lake Information (6/9/2011)  
    • Marine Sewage Pumpouts (Data Refreshed Daily)    
    • Medomak River Water Quality Survey  
    • Mining Sites      
    • Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer Systems Regulated Areas (5/27/2014)    
    • NRPA Bird Habitats (all)  
      • Inland Wading Waterfowl (1/8/2014)    
      • Shorebird Feeding & Roosting 1/8/2014)    
      • Seabird Nesting Islands (1/8/2014)    
    • NRPA Vernal Pools (8/19/2014)    
    • Overboard Discharges (Data Refreshed Daily)    
    • Overboard Discharges, Bacterial Closures and Molluscan Shellfish Habitats (12/23/2011)  
    • Permit By Rule Locations (Data Refreshed Daily)    
    • Shoreland Zoning Inland Wading Waterfowl (5/30/2012)    
    • Site Location of Development and Stormwater Law Permits: 2006 to present (Data Refreshed Daily)    
    • Urban Impaired Streams Watersheds (12/11/2014)    
    • Wastewater Licensed Dischargers and Critical Salmon Habitat (12/9/2011)
      • Androscoggin Rivershed  
      • Kennebec Rivershed  
      • Penobscot Rivershed  
    • Wastewater Facilities and Outfalls (MEPDES) (Data Refreshed Daily)  
      • Facilities  
      • Outfalls  
    • Waterbody Statutory Classification    

    Bureau of Air Quality

    • Air Monitoring Stations (Under Development)   
    • Licensed Air Facilities and Stacks (Under Development) 
      • Facilities  
      • Stacks  

    All Bureaus

    • Environmental and Geographic Analysis Database (EGAD)
      • Site Types (Threats to Groundwater and Environmental Monitoring) (Data Refreshed Daily)    
      • Sampling Data (Data Refreshed Daily)  
      • To request data, please fill out our Request EGAD Data Form.
    • Maine Public Water Resource Information System  


Downloading Data:  When downloadable data is available for GIS Users there are two options:
    Option 1:  Use the raw data file alternate links above to download a shapefile or text file.
    Option 2:  Click on the project or layer links in the Google Earth table of contents (Places window).  In the balloon, there will be a link to a text file with attribute data and spatial coordinates that can be imported into most GIS systems.

Feedback:  If you would like to comment on the use of Google Earth, provide suggestions for improving the functionality or report problems please go to our Feedback Form.

-  The Maine DEP is only providing the data to be used in the Google Earth application on the user's computer.  We are not responsible for installing or maintaining this software product.
-  The Google Earth imagery dates provided do not necessarily represent the date the image was captured but show the date the imagery was processed and deployed.
-  For questions regarding data content or data accuracy please contact the staff in the responsible programs.  The staff contacts can be reached through the links in the Google Earth files. 
-  This data is for visual representation only and may not contain all data that is available by contacting the DEP directly.
-  The individual DEP Google Earth Map projects contain a number of statewide data layers.  These layers can be obtained from the Maine Office of GIS Data Catalog.
-  If you need to make detailed decisions using geospatial data please obtain original copies of the data.


Other Interactive Maps and Data

  • Maine Department of Conservation Boat Launches       
  • Maine Department of Conservation Navigational Aids  
  • Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands Conservation Lands    
  • Maine Department of Marine Resources Bacteria Closure Areas  
  • Maine Department of Transportation Urban Compact Zones  
  • Maine Geological Survey - Maine Mineral Resources  
  • Maine Geological Survey - Publications Search Map  
  • Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Fishing Guide  
  • Maine Office of GIS Aerial Photography and Basemap Viewer  
  • Maine Natural Areas Program Ecological Reserves  
  • Maine Tax Parcels
    • Organized Towns    
    • Unorganized Towns (LUPC)    
  • USGS Topographic Maps  
  • UTM Coordinate Conversion Tool  
  • Wetlands (from USFWS)  

GIS Data Distribution

MEDEP staff generate and utilize a large amount of GIS data.  Non-MEDEP GIS data are typically distributed by the Maine Office of GIS.

MEDEP GIS Data is now being distributed using Google Earth (above).  If you can't find the data you are interested in contact John Lynam.

GIS Data Collection

The MEDEP GIS Unit coordinates the collection and submittal of GIS data from MEDEP program staff and environmental consultants.  This data supports the geographic evaluation of sites and study areas in conjunction with environmental sampling data.  A set of Spatial Data Collection Guidelines is now available to assist with submittal of data to the MEDEP Spatial Database.