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What constitutes a workers’ compensation claim?

Three things must occur in order for an injury to be a workers’ compensation injury: 1) the employee must experience an injury that “arises out of and in the course of their employment; 2) the employee must notify their supervisor within 30 days of the injury and 3) the employee must either lose time from work and/or require medical attention.

What should I do if I’m injured at work?

You should immediately notify your supervisor and/or someone in a management position. 

What is a workers’ compensation designee?

A workers’ compensation designee is a departmental person assigned to coordinate your claim with our office.  The designee will have you complete some paperwork, schedule your medical appointment and process reimbursements for you. 

When must I tell my employer that I have been injured at work?

You should tell your employer immediately.  The Workers’ Compensation Act allows for a 30 day window for notice however the sooner you tell your employer the quicker we can schedule medical treatment for you so that you’re on the road to recovery. 

What will my employer do when I report an injury?

Your employer is required, by law, to report all workers’ compensation injuries.  Your employer will have you complete paperwork, initiate treatment and help in the processing of your claim.  Further your employer will make sure that you are working within your restrictions, if appropriate. 

What benefits do I receive from workers’ compensation?

Weekly wage replacement (indemnity benefits), payment of all related medical bills including prescriptions, mileage reimbursements and related costs, payment for the cost of vocational rehabilitation, if necessary and further benefits in severe cases, i.e., loss of specific body parts and fatality benefits. 

What insurance company handles workers’ compensation for Maine State Government?

The State of Maine is self-insured and the Workers’ Compensation Office administers our program.

When do I have to report an injury?

No later than 30 days after your injury, per law, however the sooner you report your claim the sooner we can direct your treatment.

Will I be able to get medical help for my injury?

Your departmental designee will set up a medical appointment for you with an occupational medical provider. 

Will workers’ compensation direct my medical care?

Your designee will arrange for your medical appointment as soon as you report your injury.

What if I miss time from work because of my injury?

All lost time needs to be reported immediately to your supervisor and documented on your weekly time slip.

Will my employer pay me my full salary while I am out?

Workers’ compensation benefits are paid at 2/3 of the gross average weekly wage (1/1/2013) with benefit level caps.  Your designee and/or case manager can answer specific questions for you.   Employees are allowed to use their benefit leave time for workers’ compensation leave. 

What if I don’t hear anything after telling my supervisor about my injury?

You should contact your departmental designee for follow up and/or our office.

How does an unsafe condition get taken care of so others don’t get injured? 

All unsafe conditions are taken care of immediately after reported and also discussed at the departmental safety committee meetings.    

When does my employer have to decide if it is going to pay my claim?

All claims need to be accepted or denied within 14 days of notice of an injury.

What if I can go back to work but because of my injury I can’t earn as much as I did before the injury, i.e., no longer able to work overtime, etc.?

You may be entitled to a partial weekly benefit payment if you are on restrictions and do not earn your average weekly wage.  Your workers’ compensation case manager can answer case specific questions.

Do I have to do anything when I return to work after an injury?

Yes, make sure that medical documentation for your release to work has been given to your supervisor and designee.

How long can I receive wage replacement benefits?

You can receive benefits until you recover from your injury and/or durational caps have expired.  Your workers’ compensation case manager can answer case specific questions for you.

What do I do if my claim is denied?

If your claim is denied you will receive a copy of a notice of controversy and you will receive information from the Workers’ Compensation Board to assist you with your claim.