The Employee Suggestion Awards Program

The Employee Suggestion Awards Program is designed to improve Maine State Government by identifying ways to eliminate or reduce expenditures and improve operations. The program is based on the belief that employees are vital to improving government processes and operations. This program provides the employee a process for submitting and presenting employee suggestions. Successful employee suggestions result in cost savings and/or efficiency awards to the employee making the suggestion. If so requested, the name of the employee with the suggestion must be treated confidentially by the Employee Suggestion System Board (Board) and by any other person handling the suggestion until a final decision is made by the Board.

The State of Maine is committed to improving State Government to better serve all its citizens. The Employee Suggestion Awards Program is a unique program designed to do this by encouraging employee suggestions and/or recommendations from those who often know state operations best - its employees. By participating, employees not only have a chance to share their unique, creative ideas for improving government, they can also receive efficiency and/or cost savings awards for their efforts.

The State of Maine recognizes that the ideas of state employees are fundamental to the continuous improvement in services. Critical to accomplishing the goal of continuous improvement are employee suggestions that improve customer service, reduce costs, and improve working conditions and/or streamline operations.

The Employee Suggestion Awards Program is designed to provide fair and equitable treatment of all employee suggestions at each step of the program.

DISCLAIMER: Adopted employee suggestions become the property of the State and the employee will make no claims against the State regardless of the use made of the suggestion by the State.