How to Submit a Suggestion

The Process Begins with the Employee

A. Who is Eligible?

All Maine state employees except those listed in MRSA Title 5, Ch. 71 and MRSA Title 2, Sections 6 through 6E.

B. Ask yourself if your idea will result in:

  1. Saving the State money?
  2. Saving time, labor, material, or energy?
  3. Improving quality of service?
  4. Eliminating a health or safety hazard?
  5. Simplifying or eliminating unnecessary tasks?
  6. Improving work conditions, morale, or employee motivation?
  7. Streamlining operations or procedures?
  8. A better way of doing business?
If you answer YES to any of these questions, you may want to submit your employee suggestion to the Bureau of Human Resources (BHR) State Administrator. You can submit an individual or group suggestion. All participants must sign a group suggestion.

C. Submitting a Suggestion:
  1. Complete, sign, and date an Employee Suggestion Awards Application available on the BHR website.
  2. Submit the completed employee suggestion form, along with any additional documentation to support your suggestion, to the BHR State Administrator.
D. Employee Suggestion Form Guidelines
  1. Type or print (using ink) all required information in the space provided. Keep in mind that your suggestion must be legible and complete or it will be returned for clarification.
  2. Use a separate form for each suggestion.
  3. When using extra paper to complete your suggestion, please reference the question number and number of pages you are attaching to the employee suggestion form.
  4. If you choose to speak on behalf of your suggestion you must indicate your wishes on the employee suggestion form, and all confidentiality will be waived.
  5. Write a short title for your suggestion that best describes the subject. Also, give enough of a description so the Agency Evaluation Committee has concise information without having to request further clarification.
  6. Explain the existing method or condition(s).
  7. Explain the advantages of your idea. If there are cost savings benefits, give as much detailed information on your calculations as possible. If your suggestion affects a current form, attach a copy of the latest version and copies of the changes that are suggested or proposed.
  8. Employee suggestions eligible for cost savings awards need to include an estimate of savings. Minimum savings must be at least $250.
  9. If you opt to receive a cash award, all confidentiality will be waived.
  10. Any cost savings award is subject to applicable state and federal taxes.
E. Ineligible Employee Suggestions
  1. Employee suggestions that do not offer a specific solution or procedure to improve or correct condition(s) described.
  2. Employee suggestions that are subject to collective bargaining.
  3. Duplication of an employee suggestion previously submitted.
  4. Suggestions to eliminate, lower, or raise fees or taxes levied by the State of Maine or political subdivisions.
  5. Employee suggestions that eliminate positions.
  6. Employee suggestions that jeopardize health and safety.
  7. Employee suggestions that fall within the scope of the employee's assigned duties; if the employee has the ability to authorize, initiate, or implement the employee suggestion without approval.
  8. Employee suggestions already under active consideration.
  9. Employee suggestions that require legislative action.

DISCLAIMER: Adopted employee suggestions become the property of the State and the employee will make no claims against the State regardless of the use made of the suggestion by the State.