Bureau of Human Resources Responsibilities

  1. A. Initial Submission of Employee Suggestion
    1. The employee submits an employee suggestion to the BHR State Administrator. (Application)
    2. An initial review is conducted to determine completeness and eligibility. The employee suggestion will receive an employee suggestion number for processing.
    3. If the employee suggestion is incomplete or does not meet the general eligibility requirements, the BHR State Administrator will return the employee suggestion to the employee.
    4. If the employee suggestion is eligible for consideration, it is forwarded to the appropriate Agency Coordinator.
  2. BHR State Administrator
    1. The BHR State Administrator is responsible for promoting the program throughout State Government. The BHR State Administrator will provide training to Agency Coordinators.
  3. The BHR State Administrator will:
    1. Receive employee suggestions, review for eligibility, record the submission dates, and assign suggestion numbers. The BHR State Administrator will send a Suggestion Submission Receipt letter or a Suggestion Submission Rejection letter to the employee making the suggestion.
    2. Forward employee suggestions weekly to agencies for review.
    3. Send agencies a monthly submission report.
    4. Retain employee suggestions at BHR as a permanent record.
    5. Submit all employee suggestions and documentation to the Board. The Board will be the final arbiter as to whether a suggestion meets eligibility requirements.
    6. Send the Board's decision to the employee and the agency on behalf of the Board.
    7. Maintain a dedicated website for the program.
    8. Maintain a revenue fund for administration of the program.
    9. Provide as required, the Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability reports.
    10. Represent the Board as "Clerk of the Board" pursuant to MRSA Title 5, Chapter 379 12005-A.
    11. If the suggestion has an impact on several State departments, send the suggestion and a request letter for an evaluation committee member to the agency.

DISCLAIMER: Adopted employee suggestions become the property of the State and the employee will make no claims against the State regardless of the use made of the suggestion by the State.