Approved Suggestions

Suggestion Title Suggestion # Dept./Agency Name Employee Name Description Estimated Savings
Printing State brochures BHR100035S 3-9-07 Department of Conservation Heidi Johnson Changes in design and paper to reduce printing cost. Certificate of Accomplishment
Hand sanitizer dispensers December 2006 Department of Health and Human Services Laura Stevens Installing hand sanitizer dispensers in interview rooms, restrooms and other pertinent locations. Certificate of Contribution
Disposal of scrap iron and metal BHR100054S 9-19-07 Department of Transportation Confidential Recycle scrap iron and metal at all camps locations to reduce the number of times of handling the product. Certificate of Achievement
Personal programming pendants BHR100002S 1-2-07 Department of Health & Human Services Robert Patnaude In-house maintenance. Certificate and cash award
Transport pager from one employee to another BHR100064S 1-16-08 Department of Health and Human Services Nicole Tyler Changing the process on how to transport a pager from one location to another during evening work hours. Certificate and cash award
Regionalizing weekly reports BHR100062S 12-5-07 Department of Health and Human Services Anita Leland Send reports to offices that insures the information and is appliable to that specific location. Certificate for Improving Operations
Replace light bulbs used on highways BHR100097 12-13-08 Department of Transportation Confidential Use a timer photocell light bulb on State highways that will reduce the cost of electricty. Certificate and cash award
Repair severely corroded garage doors BHR100179S 2-2-10 Department of Transportation Keith Richards Alternative method of fixing garage doors that have developed corrosion on the interior door skin. Certificate and cash award