Any body of State Government authorized by law to adopt rules.
Agency Coordinator
The Coordinator is responsible for managing all the program activities relating to his/her agency.
Agency Evaluation Committee
The Committee will evaluate all agency suggestions and make recommendations to the Agency Head.
Agency Head
Department/Bureau/Agency Head
Bargaining Agent
One member appointed by each of the agency bargaining agent(s).
Review Board
Board consists of the Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services and two other departmental commissioners appointed by the Governor.
Clerk of the Board
Represent the Board pursuant to MRSA Title 5, Chapter 379, § 1200 5-A.
The Commissioner of Maineís Administrative and Financial Services.
Cost Savings Awards
The maximum cash award is 10% of the first yearís estimated savings of $250.00 or more. The award will not exceed $2,000.00. If it is not possible to estimate the first yearís savings, the Board may authorize an alternative payment process. Balance of partial awards will be made at the end of the first year of implementation.
Efficiency Awards
Suggestions that improve services or operations but do not result in identifiable cost savings, may receive an award of up to $100.00 upon Board review.
Employee Suggestion
A suggestion that may result in cost savings and/or efficiencies within State Government to eliminate or reduce expenditures and improve operations.
Eligible Employee
All classified and unclassified Maine State employees who are subjected to collective bargaining units and confidential employees.
Ineligible Employee
Employees enumerated in Chapter 71 or in Title 2, Sections 6 to 6-E are not eligible to receive cash awards under the system.
State Administrator
Bureau of Human Resources State Administrator is responsible for promoting and overseeing the day-to-day activities of the program.
The Employee Suggestion System.
DISCLAIMER: Adopted employee suggestions become the property of the State and the employee will make no claims against the State regardless of the use made of the suggestion by the State.