Sec. 320 Administrative Law Judge Requests for Board Review - Decisions

An Administrative Law Judge may request the Board to review a decision of that Administrative Law Judge pursuant to 39-A M.R.S.A. § 320 by filing with the Board Form 300 and a copy of the decision for which review is sought. 

Decision Number Date Issued Case Name Administrative Law Judge Result Appealed to Law Court/Result
Order 09/12/2012 Sullwold, Gregory (Estate of) v. The Salvation Army Knopf Unchanged
Order 02/14/2012 Manzer, Jody v. Town of Anson Knopf Unchanged
Order 02/14/2012 Graves, Richard v. Brockway Smith Co. Goodnough Unchanged Yes
Order 03/08/2011 Simpson Richard Jr. v. Downeast Toyota Greene Unchanged Yes/Denied
Order 12/08/2006 Fernald, Leeanne v Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc. and Babine, William J. v Bath Iron Works Corp. Goodnough Unchanged/Upheld Yes/Granted 5/7/2007
WCB-320-06-01 07/31/2006 Shaver, Robert M. Poland Spring Bottling Corp. Goodnough Reversed Yes/Denied
Order 01/29/2003 Flynn, Carrie E. v. Maine Medical Center Foundation McCurry Unchanged/Upheld
2001-01 08/21/2001 Dieckmann, G. Lydia v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Sprague Unchanged
2000-03 09/12/2000 Rambo, George v William F. Porter Inc. Finn Modified
2000-02 09/12/2000 Simard, Harry J. Great Northern Paper Co. Sprague Vacate/Remand
2000-01 09/12/2000 O'Brien, Terry C. v Great Northern Paper Sprague Unchanged
98-01 03/06/1998 Bourassa, Robert M. v Town of Farmington Lyna Affirmed in part; unchanged in part
96-01 02/06/1996 Pritchard, Donald C. Jr. v. S.D. Warren Company McCurry Affirmed
Order 07/25/1995 Rudge, Anthony W. v. Howard A. York Greene Unchanged
95-01 01/18/1995 Gross, Jeffrey v. Hannaford Brothers Company McCurry Affirmed