2021 Legislative Update

L.D. 173, An Act To Restore Honor to Certain Service Members

The law requires the Director of the Maine Bureau of Veterans' Services to establish a discharge upgrade process for any veteran who separated from service without an honorable discharge due solely to the veteran's sexual orientation, gender identity or to statements, consensual sexual conduct or consensual acts relating to sexual orientation, and/or gender identity.

L.D. 191, An Act To Permit Municipalities To Provide Assistance to Veterans in Paying Property Taxes

This bill authorizes municipalities to adopt a program that provides benefits to veterans and their eligible family members who own or rent a homestead in the municipality..

L.D. 658, An Act To Provide Funding for 2 Veterans Services Officers in the Maine Bureau of Veterans' Services

This bill provides funding for 2 Veterans Services Officer positions within the Maine Bureau of Veterans’ Services.

L.D. 693, An Act To Make the Pilot Program Providing Mental Health Case Management Services to Veterans a Permanent Program (EMERGENCY)

L.D. 1111, An Act To Update the Statutes Governing Membership of the Board of Trustees of the Maine Veterans' Homes

L.D. 1193, An Act To Exempt Certain Disabled Veterans from the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

This bill provides a motor vehicle excise tax exemption for veterans who are receiving benefits based on total service-connected disability.

L.D. 1425, Resolve, To Dedicate a Portion of Route 6 from Lee to Springfield in Honor of Sgt. Blair Emery

The Department of Transportation will designate a portion of Route 6 in Penobscot County the Sgt. Blair Emery Road.

L.D. 1431, An Act To Require Certain Veterans' Organizations To Be Billed for Electricity Usage at the Same Rate as Residential Customers

The committee amendment makes it optional for military veterans’ organizations to request billing at the same rate a utility bills a residential customer (residential rates could result in higher electricity costs).

L.D. 1705, An Act To Support Maine Students Who Are Dependents of Current or Former Members of the Military