Date Headline
June 26, 2019State of Maine Attracts New Investors and Achieves Low Yields on General Obligation Bonds
June 3, 2019State of Maine Treasurer Launches New Initiative to Attract More Bond Investors
May 31, 2019Moody's, Standard & Poors Assign Strong Credit Ratings to State of Maines General Obligation Debt
April 25, 2019State Treasurer Sends Unclaimed Property Notifications to Mainers
August 13, 2018Office of the State Treasurer Returns Record Amount of Unclaimed Property
April 13, 2018Maine Legislature Returns $1.8 Million Dollars to Citizens
December 11, 2017State Treasurer Sends Unclaimed Property Notifications to Mainers
November 13, 2017Treasurers Cash Pool Investment Yield at 8-Year High
June 27, 2017$18 Million Returned to Mainers in FY’17
June 12, 2017This project shows how bonds pay dividends for Maine
June 8, 2017State of Maine Successfully Prices General Obligation Bonds
April 13, 2017Treasurer Hayes Warns of Suspicious, Unofficial Unclaimed Property Websites or Notices
July 29, 2016Treasurer Hayes Announces $16.1 Million in Unclaimed Property Returned to Mainers