2023 Attorney Renewal Application

Annual attorney registration for 2023 is now open. Renewal applications are due July 15, 2023. You may only submit this renewal application using the webform on this page. MCILS will not be accepting renewal applications in paper or any other form. Additionally, only the attorney named on the application may complete and sign it. This form may not be compatible with Safari. If you experience difficulty submitting this form while using Safari, we recommend that you use another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

After you submit your application you will be redirected to a confirmation page and you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you designated for MCILS use. If you do not receive a confirmation email and are not redirected to a confirmation page, your application was not submitted. If you have any questions about whether your renewal application was received please contact Art Washer by email (arthur.washer@maine.gov).

Contact Information
Location of Office / Meeting Space:
Mailing Address:

License to Practice

Are you licensed to practice law in the State of Maine and in good standing with the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar as of the date of this application?

Licensed to Practice in Maine
Bar Complaints

Has any complaint against you filed with the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar been set for a greivance panel hearing or hearing before a single justice of the Supreme Judicial Court during the period begining July 1, 2022 and extending through the date of this application?

Complaints to Board of Overseers
Criminal Charges

Have any criminal charges been filed against you in any jurisdiction during the period beginning July 1, 2022 and extending through the date of this application?

Criminal Charges Filed in any Jurisdiction

MCILS Approved CLE Credits
Please include the date, course name, course sponsor, and number of credits for the MCILS approved CLEs earned between the July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023. (Please keep in mind that Chapter 2 requires that you complete 8 (eight) hours of MCILS approved CLEs per year.)

Re-order Date Course Sponsor CLE Credits Weight Operations
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Percentage of Work (Optional)
Approximately what percent of your case load is devoted to representing consumers of indigent legal services?
Percentage of Work
Support Staff (optional)
Do you have support staff?
Support Staff

By signing below I certify the following:

Check I certify that:

I offer to provide services to indigent clients pursuant to Maine Rule of Unified Criminal Procedure 44 or the Maine Rule of Civil Procedure 88, and request that MCILS designate me eligible to do so under the applicable rule. I understand the Court appoints attorneys to represent indigent clients pursuant to that rule. I also understand that MCILS cannot guarantee the assignment of any number of cases to any attorney.

I acknowledge that I am aware of the case types I am eligible to handle and will notify the commission if I am appointed to a case type for which I am not eligible.

It is my responsibility to maintain my status on the rosters using the “opt out” feature to designate when and where I am willing to accept assignments from the Courts and that I know how to opt in and out of rosters using the "opt out" feature in the utilities tab of defender data.

I acknowledge that by remaining active on a roster and appearing on a list of eligible counsel available to the clerks I am indicating I am eligible for assignment of cases by the court pursuant to Maine Rule of Unified Criminal Procedure 44 or Maine Rule of Civil Procedure 88 as may be applicable.

I acknowledge that pursuant to Maine Rule of Unified Criminal Procedure 44 and Maine Rule of Civil Procedure 88, an order assigning counsel to represent an individual constitutes a notice of appearance by that attorney. My professional responsibility, particularly with respect to the termination of a client-attorney relationship, is governed by the Rules of Court and the Maine Rules of Professional Conduct. I understand that communications to MCILS are not effective to modify my responsibilities to a client.

I agree that if I remain active on a list but refuse case assignments from the clerks that MCILS may remove me from that list until I have reviewed this policy with MCILS staff.

I am familiar with both Rule 44 and Rule 44B of the Maine Rules of Unified Criminal Procedure.

The information set forth herein, and that all information I submit to MCILS in the future, is accurate to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for knowing and following the MCILS rules, policies, protocols, and practice standards, including those updates that may be published from time to time.

I have read and understand the MCILS rules, policies, protocols, and practice standards.

I accept that MCILS may publish updates that may impact me to the email address I have provided for that purpose. I understand I will be deemed to have notice of any information published to me through email on the business day following that publication.

I agree to frequently review the MCILS website for updates

Sign above