Included below are some general resources which are relevant to PDS's mission and which attorneys and members of the public may find useful. These resources are included here for reference and the views and opinions expressed in each resource are those of the authors and are not necessarily endorsed by PDS. Additionally, the PDS does not claim credit for any of the content created by people or entities that are external to PDS.

Resource Author Description
Report: Cutoff from the Courthouse: How the Digital Divide Impacts Access to Justice and Civic Engagement Next Century Cities and Samuelson Law, Technology, & Public Policy Clinic This report addresses and analyzes the negative impact of inadequate access to broadband and suitable devices on indigent defendants and their attorneys with a focus on rural areas. Specifically, the report gives special consideration to the indigent defendant's inability to access digital court proceedings and communications with an attorney remotely, particularly in rural areas where access to justice issues are disproportionately high.
Harm Repair Program Overview Restorative Justice Project Maine This document describes the general five step process involved in the Community Harm Repair Program available through the Restorative Justice Project Maine in Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox, and Waldo Counties. 
Restorative Justice FAQ Restorative Justice Project Maine This document provides common questions and answers regarding the Restorative Justice Project's work as well as restorative justice generally. 
Defense Counsel Immigration Tasks Barbara Taylor Reference for defense counsel regarding how to approach a non-citizen's criminal matter. 
Immigration Terms Barbara Taylor List of common immigration terms. 
Juvenile Non-Citizen Fact Sheet Barbara Taylor Resource for defense counsel regarding counsel's responsibilities to clients that are juvenile non-citizens.
Collateral Consequences Inventory National Inventory of Collateral Consequences of Conviction Use this tool to research the potential collateral consequences of criminal convictions by jurisdiction, consequence, key word, offense type, discretion, and duration.