IMPORTANT:   Information from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) - May 2023

The DEA is warning of a widespread fraud scheme in which criminals are posing as DEA agents. Scammers are calling doctors and other medical professionals demanding money, and threatening jail and revocation of medical licenses.

DEA personnel will never contact members of the public or medical practitioners to demand money or any other form of payment, will never request personal or sensitive information, and will only notify people of a legitimate investigation or legal action in person or by official letter. No legitimate federal law enforcement officer will demand cash or gift cards from a member of the public.

PMP personnel will never contact registrants to demand payment nor request sensitive information. Referrals of higher-risk prescribers are sent via email with official attachments or paper mail to the address on file on the PMP registration. Feel free to contact the PMP with any concerns:, 207-287-2595, Option 2.

Don’t become the victim of a scam. Learn more about how to protect yourself and report fraud:

Updated Application Policies, Application Policies - Updated December 2022.pdf

Effective February 1, 2022 all applicants for permanent licensure are required to utilize the Federation of State Medical Boards credentialing product, FCVS (Federation Credentials Verification Service).  The link will be available once you have clicked 'Apply' on our Permanent DO & DO Temporary Educational Permit page. 

Fee schedule:  Board Fee Schedule - July 2022.pdf    

Information for those applying for licensure with the ME Board of Osteopathic Licensure 

As a rule, applications are fully processed within 60 days. There are times, however, when it can take 90 or more days.  This depends on how quickly required documentation is received and all requirements are met.  

Before reaching out to Board staff for an update regarding what has/has not been received toward your license application, please be sure to log in online and check your status.  This option is not available to you until such time as you have completed your Online UA Addendum.  The Addendum should NEVER be completed by anyone but the applicant.    

NOTE:  Despite signed authorizationsSTAFF WILL NOT PROVIDE APPLICATION STATUS INFORMATION TO 3RD PARTIES (see Updated Application Policies atop this page.  

NOTE:  Maine does not accept electronic notarizations.  The applicant must be in the direct presence of the notary.

NOTE:  Applicants must use the Affidavit & Reference forms for this Board (reference letters are not accepted).  Per the instructions on the UA Addendum, pre-filled forms and/or forms submitted with stamped or scanned signatures are not accepted; references must be submitted by the writer, not by the applicant or a third party.

Online Uniform Application status for DOs & PAs is available

Applicants can check their application status online by going to the Board's website (, scrolling down to the Online Services section and once there, clicking the Online Renewal link.  You will be automatically taken to the page below (see screenshot).  Once you have entered your license number and the password you created when you completed your online addendum, any outstanding items required of you will outlined.  Once you have completed all requirements, your application will go to the Board's next regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  The Board meets on the second Thursday of each month - please be sure to check our 'Administrative' link monthly to be sure nothing has changed. If you receive a message stating that there are no possible transactions available, your application requirements have been met and your application will be presented for review at the Board's next scheduled meeting. You do not need to contact the office to be sure.  Thank you.


New in 2022:

Interns/Residents/Fellows applying for Temporary Educational Permits:  

Click the link at the bottom of this page to complete and submit your Uniform Application. Please be sure to check off for it to be sent to the Maine Board of Osteopathic Licensure. The FSMB charges a $60 fee to submit the application. Once you have completed and submitted the online application, please complete the DO Board Affidavit.pdf and submit it to either the Board office or your Program Coordinator (check with them for their preference).  The day following submission of your UA, you will receive an e-mail from which will contain a link for you to complete your online UA Addendum; please follow all instructions. Your training program will pay your application fee.

Please check with your Program Coordinator regarding the submission of your Uniform Application, online application fee and Affidavit.  

Important License Renewal Update, effective February 24, 2021:

Governor Mills has now signed Executive Order 33 FY20/21 which repeals that section of Executive Order 16 FY19/20 authorizing the extension of licenses due to expire during the State of Emergency.  Section 1(E) of that order was repealed and osteopathic physicians and physician assistants working with them whose licenses were extended due to the State of Emergency must renew their licenses by March 31, 2021.  

Attached is Governor Janet Mills Executive Order regarding license renewal - this EO is expired.

Attached is Governor Janet Mills  Executive Order regarding licensure - the EO expired 6/30/2021.

The Maine Board of Osteopathic Licensure is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the public of this State. It is the responsibility of the Board to determine which applicants qualify to practice osteopathic medicine in the State of Maine by regulating the practice of its licensees. Through its licensing process, the Board provides assurance that the physician has received his/her degree from an accredited college of osteopathic medicine, has received the appropriate level of training and that no cause exists that would be a basis for disciplinary action of a licensed physician under 32 M.R.S.A. sec 2591-A.

Once licensed, the physician must adhere to accepted standards of professional conduct. Further, once a license is granted, it must be renewed every two years. Each licensee must demonstrate that he/she has obtained the necessary continuing medical education. If grounds for discipline exist at the time of relicensure, the Board may take appropriate action allowed by 10 M.R.S.A. sec. 8003 and 32 M.R.S.A. sec. 2591-A.

IMPORTANT information if you are searching for a Physician Assistant whom you believe is currently licensed and you cannot locate him/her through our search engine or you locate them and their status indicates ‘Withdrawn/Terminated by Licensee’, please also check the Board of Licensure in Medicine website at and click ‘Find a Licensee in our Database’ as the Physician Assistant may be current with that Board.