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Contact Us

The best way to reach the Board office is via e-mail to or, by phone at 207/287-2480, via fax to 207/ 536-5811, or via TTY: Maine relay 711. 

The mailing address for the Board of Osteopathic Licensure is: 142 SHS, Augusta, ME 04333-0142.  FedEx/UPS deliveries should be addressed to:  Board of Osteopathic Licensure, Attention:  Executive Secretary, 161 Capitol Street, Augusta, ME 04330

At this time, staff is teleworking 1-2 days weekly; mail, including FedEx/UPS is retrieved on a regular basis.

Fee Schedule:  Board Fee Schedule - July 2022.pdf


To reach our Consumer Assistance Specialist, Savannah Okoronkwo (regarding only matters concerning a complaint you have filed or wish to file against a licensee), please e-mail her at:, via telephone at 207/287-3608, or by TTY @ Maine relay 711. Fax is 207/536-5811.


I wish to file a complaint against the physician named below. I understand that a copy of this complaint will be sent to the physician against whom the complaint is directed and that the Board will request a written response to the complaint from the physician involved. A copy of the response will be sent to me unless that response would jeopardize my health or well being. Orders of the Board relating to disciplinary action against a physician, including orders or other actions of the Board referring or scheduling matters for hearing are a matter of public record. I also understand that the processing of this complaint may require investigation by the department of the Attorney General or other investigators and that I may be contacted to answer questions about this complaint. If the complaint pertains to a violation of law outside the scope of the statutes and rules of the Board, the Board may refer all information to the proper authorities.

Please state the facts of your complaint as clearly as possible below. Include the dates of treatment and names of physicians and other health care providers involved. If you wish to file a complaint against more than one physician, please complete a separate form for each complaint.

Part A: Complainant Information
Part B: Patient Information ( )
Part C: License Information
Part D: Complaint Information

Note: If you are filing a complaint against several licensees, you must send each one separately. To do this, complete this form, send it and then back up and fill out the information for the next licensee. The rest of the information will still be filled in.

Please provide detailed information regarding your complaint to include date(s) of treatment.