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Dear Friends,

It is my honor to kick off this year's Maine State Employees Combined Charitable Appeal (MSECCA) fundraising campaign with Department of Corrections Commissioner Randall Liberty. Two years in a row now, Commissioner Liberty and his team have taken the helm of this important campaign.

Every year, I am grateful for state employees who participate in this campaign, which sustains charitable causes that are making a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

Your participation in this year’s MSECCA campaign sends a clear message that you’re here to help those who need it most. During tough times it’s nice to know we can rely on each other.

This year we hope to raise $515,000 for worthwhile charities across the state. These organizations ensure that our seniors are able to heat their homes in the winter, that our food insecure children have plenty of healthy and filling meals, that people with disabilities are able to access services and care, and so much more.

The easiest way to have a lasting impact through the MSECCA campaign is to set up a payroll contribution. If you’ve never set up a payroll contribution, you’ll learn more about the process during the virtual kick off on September 6 or you can contact your HR representative for more information.

Keep in mind that even a $1 donation from each paycheck can provide 21 meals for one of our elderly neighbors; $2 can help 17 Maine students train for the Special Olympics; $3 can purchase a wig for a child who has lost his or her hair due to cancer treatments. Those are just a few examples of the ways your small contributions can make a difference.

I am confident we can meet this year’s MSECCA fundraising goal just as we did last year, thanks to the generous contributions of more than 2,300 donors across 32 State agencies.

Let’s reach this year’s goal by contributing again and by encouraging our colleagues to contribute too. Donations are tax-deductible, and there are hundreds of charities you can choose from to receive your contribution.  

Over the past four decades of the MSECCA campaign, State employees have contributed $11 million to charitable causes that make a significant difference in the lives of Maine people. As we begin MSECCA’s 43rd year, the need is greater than ever.

As always, thank you for all you do on behalf of the people of Maine. 


Janet T. Mills

Randall A. Liberty 
Commissioner, Maine Department of Corrections  

Even the Smallest Pledge Makes a Difference!

Meals for frail elderly.

$1 Biweekly ($26/yr)

One dollar per pay period provides 21 meals for the frail elderly.

Vaccinations for Shelter Animals

$2 Biweekly ($52/yr)

Two dollars per pay period provides needed vaccinations to shelter animals prior to adoption.

Alzeimer's care

$4 Biweekly ($104/yr)

Four dollars per pay period provides day services for people afflicted with Alzheimer's and vital respite time for their families.


$5 Biweekly ($130/yr)

Five dollars per pay period provides clothing for one homeless American child.


$10 Biweekly ($260/yr)

Ten dollars per pay period helps 10 victims cope with a sexual assault.


$10 Biweekly ($260/yr)

Ten dollars per pay period provides a hospital bed and oral morphine for up to two months to a hospice patient.

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