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Even the Smallest Pledge Makes a Difference!

Meals for frail elderly.

$1 Biweekly ($26/yr)

One dollar per pay period provides 21 meals for the frail elderly.

Vaccinations for Shelter Animals

$2 Biweekly ($52/yr)

Two dollars per pay period provides needed vaccinations to shelter animals prior to adoption.

Alzeimer's care

$4 Biweekly ($104/yr)

Four dollars per pay period provides day services for people afflicted with Alzheimer's and vital respite time for their families.


$5 Biweekly ($130/yr)

Five dollars per pay period provides clothing for one homeless American child.


$10 Biweekly ($260/yr)

Ten dollars per pay period helps 10 victims cope with a sexual assault.


$10 Biweekly ($260/yr)

Ten dollars per pay period provides a hospital bed and oral morphine for up to two months to a hospice patient.

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"Pledging via payroll deduction has made donating so easy and affordable.
I don't even notice it. I spend $5.50 per week on my daily could I not justify donating $5 dollars biweekly to help others?"

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