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Standard Offer Bid Solicitation

For CMP and BHE Residential and Small General Service Customers; Service Starting on 03/01/09

RFP Issued October 9, 2008, Initial Bids Due November 5, 2008

The files below are posted in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Word files require either Microsoft Word or the free Word Viewer software. Microsoft Excel files require either Microsoft Excel or the free Excel Viewer.

Note: To receive documents in a different electronic format than provided below, please contact:

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Order approving RFP

Contact Person: Faith Huntington, (207) 287-1373

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Final Results from Recent Prior Solicitations: 09/08 RFP - BHE & CMP Med. & Large :: 03/08 RFP - BHE & CMP Small :: 03/08 RFP - BHE & CMP Med. & Large