Records of the Blue Ribbon Commission to Examine Alternatives to the Workers' Compensation System

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  • Richard Dalbeck, 62, of Cape Elizabeth, a retired Unum Corp. executive;
  • Harvey Picker, 76, of Camden, dean emeritus of Columbia University’s graduate school of Public and International Affairs;
  • Former U.S. Senator William Hathaway, 68, then serving on the Federal Maritime Commission;
  • Former Maine Supreme Court Associate Justice Elmer Violette, 71, of Caribou.

A few days after the announcement, Violette resigned from the panel, citing health reasons. He was replaced by:

  • Emilien A. Levesque, 69, of Farmingdale. Levesque had served as chief of the Maine Labor Department and was a former director of the Bureau of Military and Veterans Services.

Consultant: John H. Lewis.

In August 1992 the Commission issued a report available at:
with proposed legislation,,
to create Title 39-A of the Maine Revised Statutes.



Related Materials

Records Inventory - Box Contents

WC115-BRC-01. Law authorizing Commission.

. Blue Ribbon Commission/Workers Comp Organizational Documents.
Includes correspondence, news articles, material on members of the Commission, the Commission’s budget, communications with legislators and Sarah Tubbesing, executive director of the Legislative Council.

WC115-BRC-03. Consultant’s Resumes.

  • John H. Lewis
  • John F. Burton, Jr.
  • James R. Chelius
  • Robert Smith

WC115-BRC-04. Forms for Legislative Calendar.

WC115-BRC-05. Hearing Agendas/Work Plans.
4/20/1992 - 7/14/1992

  • Suggested Work Plan
  • Agendas
  • Schedules
  • Summary of Work Sessions

WC115-BRC-06. Requests to Present Testimony.

WC115-BRC-07. Correspondence – Administrative.
3/26/1992 - 9/24/1992

  • University of Maine School of Law meeting room
  • Maine Blue Ribbon Commission/Preliminary Estimated Costs Impacts/ Adopting the Michigan Plan
  • Telephone Credit Card
  • Proposals for meeting rooms
  • August 1992 memo from Commission Clerk Michelle Bushey on Commission files
  • Budget documents, 4/24/1992 - 8/18/1992

WC115-BRC-08_PtA. Correspondence - Vol. I.
4/8/1992 - 6/30/1992
Includes correspondence and news articles.

WC115-BRC-08_PtB. Correspondence - Vol. II.
7/1/1992 - 7/10/1992
Material includes:

  • National Council on Compensation:
    • Maine Reform Activity
    • Cost Impact Analyses (Maine V. Michigan)
  • Restoring the Social Contract: Shared Responsibility and Workers’ Compensation Reform Presented by Sen. Harry Vose 7/2/1992

WC115-BRC-08_PtC. Correspondence - Vol. III.
7/13/1992 - 7/30/1992
Material includes:

  • Task Force Reports on Workers’ Compensation from New Hampshire and Connecticut
  • Peter Mills article from the Maine Trial Lawyers Association on Workers’ Compensation

WC115-BRC-08_PtD. Correspondence -Vol. IV.
August 1992
Material includes:

  • Annual Report on the Status of the Maine Workers’ Compensation System submitted to the 116 th Legislature Aug. 14, 1992
  • Workers’ Compensation Commission Tri-Agency Annual Report 1992 (Overview of the Workers’ Compensation Commission Profile of the Maine Workers’ Compensation System).

WC115-BRC-09. NCCI Issues Report.
NCCI Issues Report, 1991 : A summary of issues influencing Workers Compensation

WC115-BRC-10. Testimony.
Includes testimony, numerous news articles and reports

  • A Policy Paper on Workers’ Compensation Reform Presented to the Workers’ Compensation Blue Ribbon Commission May 6, 1992 by the Maine Council of Self-Insurers
  • Statement of the American Insurance Association – Testimony of Bruce C. Wood before the Workers’ Compensation Blue Ribbon Commission May 15, 1992
  • LD 2442 (115th). "An Act to Deregulate Workers’ Compensation Insurance Voluntary Market Rates and to Establish the Workers’ Compensation Employers’ Mutual Fund"
  • Testimony of William Black and Martha McCluskey, Public Advocate Office, to the Blue Ribbon Commission on Workers’ Compensation
WC115-BRC-11. Work Session Materials.
  • Title 24-A MRSA, c. 43
  • Summary of work Session of 7/1/1992 (Lewis checklist)
  • Summary of Work Session of 7/10/1992 (Further discussion of the Lewis checklist)
  • PL 1991, c. 615." An Act to Maine Changes in the Workers’ compensation System"
  • LD 2423 (115th). "An Act to Reform the Workers’ Compensation System"
  • Draft State Government’s Workers’ Comp. System, costly, inefficient, discriminatory (an unfinished, preliminary report) January, 1991
WC115-BRC-12. Workers’ Comp Articles.
Numerous local and national news articles. Contact us for PDF.

WC115-BRC-13. Lewis Report.

  • A Comparative Analysis of the Maine Workers’ Compensation Law, John H. Lewis, June 25, 1992
  • Draft A Comparative Analysis of the Maine Workers’ Compensation Law, John H. Lewis, June 15, 1992
WC115-BRC-14. Workers’ Compensation Group.
  • Letters and Communications
  • State of Michigan Worker’s Disability Compensation Act of 1969 and Administrative Rules March, 1991
  • An Overview of Workers’ Compensation in Michigan by Edward M. Welch
  • Workers’ Compensation Group, March, 1992
  • Workers’ Compensation Group, May, 1992

Records Inventory - Audio Files

Speaker and other information


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