Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us!

  • The House Democratic Office and members of the House Democratic Caucus will not sell, trade or divulge your e-mail address, postal address or any other personal information you furnish through this site.
  • We gather contact information in order to respond more effectively to your questions and comments. We especially want to know whose district you live in so we can direct your question or comment to the appropriate representative.
  • Representatives do from time to time try to contact constituents, usually by mail or e-mail, regarding upcoming legislation or to talk about issues being considered by the Legislature.
  • We do not track visitors through the use of “cookies” or other tracking devices.
  • Please be advised that under state law, e-mail correspondence with this office and with representatives may be considered a public record. Though it is unlikely, we could be required to provide copies of our e-mail if requested by a member of the public.