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Moles—Scapanus spp.

Moles are beneficial mammals—they consume large quantities of insects, such as Japanese beetles, and grubs; and their tunneling activity loosens and mixes soil, improving soil quality. Moles may be considered pests when their tunnels disturb lawns and other turf areas. They do not eat garden bulbs or plants, but their tunneling can disturb garden plants.

dirt mounds created by moles mole damage on lawn damage on lawn due to mole tunneling
Volcano-like mounds of dirt are pushed to the surface by moles as they create tunnels. Moles create tunnels for traveling and for feeding. Traveling tunnels are pathways between feeding areas and the den. Moles damage plants when they scrape dirt from the root system searching for worms and grubs. Sometimes voles use mole tunnels and will eat roots and bulbs.

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