Daylily Rust—Puccinia hemerocallidis

Daylily rust is a fungal disease that causes leaf damage in many varieties of daylilies. It is mainly a matter of aesthetics because it doesn't kill most varieties. Some varieties are less susceptible to damage than others.

yellow leaves caused by daylily rust
Yellowing of the leaves is a symptom of rust. Daylily rust contributes to the poor health of plants by allowing less photosynthetis and increased water loss.

close-up of  pustules on leaves caused by daylily rust
Raised yellow-orange to rust-brown pustules on leaves, most prominent on the undersides.

close-up of leaves infected with daylily rust
Daylily rust is a fungus with a complex life cycle, but it can re-infect daylilies without its alternate host.

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Identification and Control Information

[Photos: Division of Plant Industry Archive, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services,]