COVID-19 Vaccination in Maine


COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard

This dashboard is updated daily by 10 a.m. with COVID-19 vaccination data included as of 11:59 p.m. the previous day. It includes doses administered statewide, including vaccine supplied directly by the State to various locations and a long-term care vaccination program operated and supplied by the federal government.

Individuals receiving a vaccine have the option to self-report race and ethnicity to their vaccination site. Vaccination sites are required to report that information to the State, whether the individual provided the information or declined to answer. The State is working with hospitals and community partners to improve collection of this information.

This dashboard will be updated to reflect any new authorized vaccines and additional interactive elements and features as available. 

How to use this dashboard

COVID-19 Vaccination Summary

Click a county on the map or select a bar on a chart to filter data by the selected item. To unselect that item, click it again. To make multiple selections, hold down the Control key when clicking. To unselect all items, hold down the Control key to remove each filter. Or, simply select a new item, and the dashboard will filter to that new item.

Ethnicity only – In addition to the default view of Ethnicity within each Race, it is also possible to see Ethnicity on its own. Simply hover over the table “First Dose by Race and Ethnicity”, and click the double down arrow (hover text will indicate  “Go to the next level in the hierarchy”). Click the up arrow to return to Race and Ethnicity

COVID-19 Vaccination Trends

At the bottom of the dashboard, click COVID-19 Vaccination Trends to see the daily trend of Doses Administered by Manufacturer (bar chart), as well as Cumulative Doses Administered (line chart). The Date Slider in the top right corner can be used to easily narrow down date ranges. Hover over any data point to see exact daily numbers.

COVID-19 Vaccination County Listing

At the bottom of the dashboard, click COVID-19 Vaccination County Listing to see Summary Measures by County. The county table can be sorted on any column by clicking the desired column header, either ascending or descending. Data can also be filtered by age group by selecting the check boxes, and/or by vaccine manufacturer by clicking on the manufacturer circles.

Note: In order to prevent indirect disclosure of identifiable patient information, population counts of 5 or fewer people will be suppressed.

Downloadable file (.csv): This file contains updated data on the number of COVID-19 vaccinations administered by month, county, manufacturer, gender, race, ethnicity, and age group. Cells with fewer than 6 people are suppressed for privacy. The file will be regularly updated around the 7th of each month for the previous month.

Details about the data

Doses administered: Total vaccine doses administered to individuals. This is not a measure of fully vaccinated individuals.

First dose: People who have received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine series from Pfizer or Moderna.

Final dose: These are fully vaccinated individuals, who have either received the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Population first dose %: First doses completed, divided by the Census population count.

Population final dose %: The percentage of fully vaccinated individuals in the population.

Census Population: Based on 2019 Census data. Includes all Maine residents, though COVID-19 vaccine is currently authorized only for people age 5 and older. None of the vaccines are currently authorized for persons under age 5.

Booster/Additional: This includes all doses a patient has received beyond the initial series (First Dose, Final Dose). These include booster doses and additional doses for immune compromised individuals. This will also contain the second dose of any three dose series.

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