Where to Get Treated

Where can I be seen by a provider and get treated for COVID-19 in Maine?

You can get treated for COVID-19 in any of these ways:

  • Go to your primary care doctor or another health care provider and get evaluated for COVID-19. Your health care provider can provide a prescription for you to fill at a local pharmacy.
  • Go to a Test-to-Treat site that offers clinical evaluation and medication. A list of these Test-to-Treat locations is below. You can go to any of these locations even if you do not usually get your healthcare at this location.
  • Use a telehealth service to talk with a provider via video or phone. A list is provided below. Your health care provider will provide instructions on where to pick up your medication or will give you a prescription to fill at a pharmacy. You can use these services even if you do not usually get your healthcare from this provider.
  • Go to a pharmacy that offers pharmacist prescribing for Paxlovid. (Pharmacist prescribing is not currently available for Lagevrio.) A list of locations is provided below. A pharmacist will review your COVID-19 test result, ask questions about any other medications you take, and provide Paxlovid for treatment or direct you to another health care provider if necessary for further care.

Locate a provider near you and contact that location for more information before going there. Health care facilities that have telehealth listed as an option offer this service whether or not you are an established patient.

Most medications are covered by your health insurance or provided free of charge for patients without insurance or who would not be able to afford treatment. You may be asked for insurance information. There may be additional charges related to administering the medicine, especially if it is a medicine that is given intravenously. To find a test-to-treat location in Maine, visit the U.S. government's test-to-treat locator website. All sites listed are open to the public. 

Visit Maine’s testing page if you are looking for a location that offers testing.