COVID-19 Treatment in Maine

Treatment is available for COVID-19

COVID-19 treatment is highly effective at preventing a mild or moderate illness from getting much worse and possibly becoming life-threatening. 

Don’t wait until you’re very ill. COVID-19 treatment works best if started within the first 5–7 days after symptoms begin. You will need a prescription form your primary care provider or from another health care provider to get treatment medications.

Most medication used for treatment of COVID-19 are free, but you may be asked for insurance information and charged for the services of your health care provider. 

COVID-19 treatment is not a replacement for vaccination

Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine and where to get vaccinated in Maine. If you are not currently infected with COVID-19, talk to your doctor to find out whether you should get treatment if you have COVID-19 in the future. Have a plan for how to get tested quickly for COVID-19 if you develop symptoms.

People who receive treatment should continue to follow U.S. CDC's guidance for isolation and mask around others. Treatment is highly effective at preventing severe disease but it does not shorten the isolation period.