Keep Maine Healthy

Protecting Maine People and Visitors Amidst COVID-19

Updated March 5, 2021

The tourism and hospitality industries are vital pillars of Maine’s economy. Both impact nearly every aspect of our state, from supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs across all skill levels, to contributing billions annually to our state’s economy, to driving innovation and entrepreneurship.

These industries help put Maine on the map and market our one-of-a-kind opportunities, such as exploring our bold coast, fishing in our pristine lakes and rivers, dining in our acclaimed restaurants, or shopping in our exceptional small businesses.

Recognizing the value of the tourism and hospitality industries to Maine’s economy, and knowing that people will travel to locations that are safe, the goal of the Mills Administration is to protect the health of Maine people and visitors while allowing the opportunity for tourists to enjoy Maine’s incredible summer and support our small businesses.

To that end, the Administration engaged with tourism and hospitality industry leaders, business owners, local chambers of commerce, public health experts, lawmakers, and municipal officials, among others, to devise the Keep Maine Healthy plan for the summer of 2020.

Keep Maine Healthy represented a multilayered approach that aims to protect Maine people, protect visitors, and support Maine small businesses by reducing to the greatest extent possible COVID-19 risks associated with travel inherent to tourism.

To protect public health and support Maine's economy for this 2021 tourism season, Governor Mills announced a "Moving Maine Forward" plan to provide clear, predictable guidance for Maine people, business and visitors to plan for the summer and further establish Maine as a safe place to visit.