Staff Assignments Summary

Sarah Aiudi-O'Connor: Statewide Position Control Analyst

Andrew Cairns: Economic & Community DevelopmentLabor, Professional & Financial Regs, Workers Comp

Walter Carlow:  Baxter State Park Authority, Environmental Protection, Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Yingmei Chen:  Attorney General, Corrections, Judiciary,  Public Safety 

Tyler Clark: State/Local Government, Taxation, Treasury 

Robin Danforth: Administrative Support

Jean Martin: Position Control Assistant

Brenda Palmer: Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Marine Resources and Cultural Affairs

Marietta Wheeler:  Education, Higher Education, Maine Community College System, University of Maine

Melissa Winchenbach: Maine Health Data Organization, Maine Human Rights Commission, Maine Hospice Council and Health & Human Services

Scott Woods: DefenseEthics, Public Utilities Commission, Secretary of State and Transportation


Additional detailed information:

 Department Listing - Alphabetical list of departments and agencies with associated Bureau of the Budget staff contact information.

Analyst Assignments (XLS) - List of Bureau staff members with their assigned departments and agencies.