Unorganized Territory

The Unorganized Territory (UT) is the area of Maine having no local, incorporated municipal government.

Duties related to providing services and property tax administration in the UT is shared among various state agencies and county government, with the Maine legislature serving as the "local governing body" for the UT, as it annually reviews and approves the various budgets from the state agencies and county government.

The Unorganized Territory consists of 429 townships (including the Baxter State Park area), plus many coastal islands that do not lie within municipal bounds. The UT land area is slightly over one half of the entire State of Maine. Year-round residents number approximately 9,000, with many more residing seasonally within the UT.

Role of the Fiscal Administrator

The Fiscal Administrator of the Unorganized Territory provides information and assistance to the Legislature, the Unorganized Territory taxpayers, and state and county offices which request funds for providing services in the Unorganized Territory Tax District. 

The Fiscal Administrator's primary responsibilities include the review, analysis, and investigation of the budgets and expenditures of all county and state agencies requesting funds from the Unorganized Territory. This is to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the annual analysis submitted to the legislature. In addition, the Fiscal Administrator submits the annual Municipal Cost Components legislation in order for taxes to be levied; attends and participates in public hearings on county budgets and legislative hearings relative to the Unorganized Territory; and publishes and distributes an annual financial report to interested taxpayers, Legislators, and County Commissioners. The Fiscal Administrator also serves as Chair of the State Commission on Municipal Deorganization.

Fiscal Administrator of the Unorganized Territory:  Nancy V. Bodine


19 Union Street
Augusta, Maine 04330

Mailing Address:
66 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0066


Business Hours:
7:30am to 4:00pm

Deorganization Information

Deorganization Title 30-A, MRSA, Chapter 302 Informational Paper