Purchasing Goods & Services

Maine has numerous laws protecting consumers. A consumer’s best protection, though, is knowing his or her rights.

Implied and Express Warranties : Learn what to expect, even if you don’t have a written warranty. Maine is 1 of only 10 States that has an “implied warranty” law. This law provides automatic warranty protection in addition to any written warranty.

Door-to-Door Sales: You have 3 days to cancel a sale that is made when someone comes to your home. Read more detailed information about this commonly misunderstood law. See also: Consumer Law Guide Chapter 13: Consumer Rights When A Salesperson Contacts You At Home.

Sales Contracts: A contract is a legally enforceable promise between you and a seller. Contracts can be written, oral, or even implied. The responsibilities of both buyers and sellers are explained.

Returning or Rejecting Defective Goods: You the right to "reject" merchandise and have your money refunded or the item replaced whenever the goods “fail in any respect to conform to the contract.” The laws are explained so that you can make an informed decision about returning an item you’ve purchased.

Deposits: What happens when you put down a deposit and then decide not to buy the item? Can you get your deposit back?

Buying Goods “As Is”: Learn whether any guarantees accompany an item sold “as is.”

Ordering by Phone or Mail: Includes potential dangers and how to avoid them.

Guide to Small Claims Court: A step-by-step guide to help you decide whether to take your complaint to Small Claims Court.